Top 10 Healthy Foods that Relieve Stress

Healthy Foods that Relieve Stress

Work, family, joblessness, relationships, and financial constraints are some of the most significant stress triggers in an adult’s life. Stressful situations are inevitable, but recovering is mandatory if you want to live a healthy and productive life.

Many people overlook healthy foods as a way to recover from stress and opt for unhealthy and detrimental stress-relieving options. Healthy foods are powerful anti-depressants since they are packed with natural nutrients that contribute to your mental development and relaxation of the mind.

If your doctor certified that you’re stressed and exhibit more than three stress symptoms, here is a list of some great foods to include in your diet for reduced stress levels.


Beans, chickpeas, lentils, and soybeans are some of the plants that are part of the leguminous family. They are an excellent magnesium source, a nutrient that helps to combat headaches, which alleviate stress in the human brain. A generous portion of these every day will increase your magnesium levels significantly. Green leafy vegetables like spinach are also a great source of this nutrient.

Sunflower Seeds

A handful or more of these seeds can help improve your mood almost instantly. Sunflower seeds are abundant in an amino acid known as tryptophan. This nutrient is essential in the production of serotonin, also known as the feel-good hormone. You could snack on these days or drop a few in your yogurt to make healthy comfort food.

Fatty Fish

In 2009, PubMed completed research that indicated Omega-3 and some of its extracts can treat depression. Other long-standing analyses conclude that this fatty acid is critical in brain development.

Omega-3 contains a fatty acid known as the EPA, which helps treat mental disorders and alleviate stress symptoms. So, the next time you visit the fish market, you could stack up on some fish variants. Salmon, tuna, trout, herring, and sardines are a few of the high fish variants in Omega-3. 

On the flip side, too much of this nutrient could lead to other health complications, which is why you should consult your doctor about the servings before you can indulge.

Brazilian Nuts

Brazilian nuts are rich in two antioxidants; selenium and Vitamin E. It is scientifically proven that antioxidants help in the relaxation of the mind. For this reason, Brazilian nuts are a good snack for people who suffer from anxiety and stress.

A maximum of four Brazilian nuts per day is enough to provide you with your required dose of these two nutrients. If you are allergic to nuts, soybeans, and mushrooms, you can take alternative sources of selenium.

Green Tea

Among the available herbal tea options, green tea tops the list of foods that relieve stress. It contains an amino acid called theanine. This mineral is famous for two reasons. First, it has antioxidants that help the mind to relax and unwind from stressful situations.

It also boosts the production of serotonin, or what we commonly know as the happy hormone. You can easily add this tea to your diet, and since it doesn’t have any side effects, you’re welcomed to take as much of it as you can.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is one more herbal tea that relieves stress. Whether you inhale its components or drink it up, this gift from nature works. The anti-anxiety properties it has to make chamomile a go-to drink for people who exhibit several stress symptoms.

Taking this tea helps you to relax and clear your mind from unpleasant thoughts. While it works best when taken on an empty stomach, taking chamomile during and after meals still produces satisfactory results.


Stress levels usually spike when your blood pressure is high. Avocados are effective in reducing blood pressure. They are great fruits that have a healthy dose of potassium. Doctors recommend that you eat at least half an avocado every day for the best results. However, you may want to limit your intake of this fatty fruit since it can lead to significant weight gain.


Aside from vitamin E, which relaxes the brain and improves your immune system, almonds are also rich in Vitamin B. This nutrient makes you more resilient, making it harder for you to sink into stressful scenarios.

It takes a while for these to be digested, which is why you have to consume your daily dose of almonds regularly. This way, you have enough backup that helps you to cope when stress hits you.

Bedtime Snacks

Whether you love berries, chocolate, or even fruit, bedtime snacks are a great way to reward yourself for achieving your daily goals. These treats create a happy mood and send signals to the brain to produce more serotonin.

When it comes to bedtime snacks, you may want to regulate your potions to avoid overindulging. Overeating before bed can make it harder for you to fall asleep, especially if you suffer from hyperacidity.

Comfort foods

Regularly, individuals would run for unhealthy snacks and meals, which help them cope with stress symptoms. But since you’re looking for healthier options, you can make such combinations using oatmeal, whole wheat, fresh mild, and fruits. A dollop of honey would also go a long way if you’d like to add a sweetener.

Dark Chocolate

Plenty of studies suggest that eating dark chocolate alleviates stress levels significantly. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are nutrients that stimulate the brain to produce serotonin.

Aside from that, these antioxidants also increase blood flow to your brain, which helps you adapt quickly to stressful situations. This snack is also sufficient in magnesium, a component that’s great in relaxing the mind.


One of the most significant sources of protein is eggs. They contain amino acids that are crucial in the development of your body and brain. More so, eggs tryptophan-packed foods. This element stimulates your brain to produce more serotonin, which is directly linked to happy moods.

Even more, eggs are packed with healthy doses of vitamin D. Researchers argue that lack of this vitamin increases stress symptoms in both young and old. 


During fermentation, yogurt produces lactobacillus and bifidobacterial, which are useful in fostering mental health. Some research indicates that fermented foods, including yogurt, help in reducing social anxiety in the youth.

Other studies show that healthy bacteria may increase happiness in some individuals. These probiotics play a significant role in eradicating neurotoxins and free radicals. These two unwanted guests erode the nerve tissue in the brain, leading to anxiety and stress.

Bacteria also help to reduce inflammation in the body and clearing the gut. With less or zero inflammation, your brain relaxes, leaving no room for stress.

Take Out

You do not have to indulge in unhealthy eating to relieve stress. Mother nature has provided plenty of healthy foods that work even better and significantly affect your health. Binge eating junk food may help you cope with stressful situations, but you will suffer the consequences a few weeks down the line. Take note that you cannot treat yourself, which is why visiting a doctor would be a great idea if you suspect that you notice any stress symptoms or you’re having a rough time dealing or recovering from stress.

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