Tips for Buying Best OTG Ski Goggles in Australia

Many people like to take part in adventure sports. Surfing, skiing, and mountain biking are the most thrilling adventure sports that a person takes part in. Many people plan to buy safety gear at the very last moment and end up making bad decisions. If you are planning to go skiing, you need to plan and buy the safety gear. Ski goggles are one of the main items that you require when you go skiing. Here are some tips that will help you buy the best OTG Ski Goggles in Australia in 2020.

Shop before you get to the mountain

Ski goggles are essential when you are planning to go on a skiing trip. Ski goggles, coupled with other safety gear, will help you to be safe while skiing. Ski goggles tend to protect your eyes from snow, harmful UV rays, and wind. They improve your vision and help to see clearly and distortion-free.

Perfect ski goggles have functions and features such as anti-fog technology, UV rays protection technology, anti-venting systems, etc. Ski goggles should be comfortable with making your ride easy and joyful. You can buy ski goggles at sale in Australia from the online stores.

Choose the right lens, tint.

Lens tint plays an essential role in vision. Rose ski goggles lens or pink ski goggles are perfect for low to mid light. They can also be used on cloudy days. During dusk or dawn, you can count on your pink ski goggles Australia. It is not recommended to wear pink ski goggles during the sunny days because they are not dark enough to block the bright light.

Dark grey or Black coloured ski goggles are the perfect choices for bright sunny days as black colour blocks the maximum sunlight and eliminates glare. Proctor Jones has a wide variety of ski goggles.

Clear vision with the right lens

The lens is the central part of ski goggles—right and perfect lens promise clear and distortion-free vision. Spherical lenses are better than cylindrical lenses. They tend to provide better peripheral vision. Less distortion and less glare are other advantages of spherical lenses. Your peripheral vision becomes better with the larger lens.

Doubled layered lenses are preferred because they do not fog as fast as single-layered lenses. They are adequately sealed and are resistant to fogging. Lenses should have vents to maintain the maximum airflow. Maximum airflow keeps the fog at bay.

Insist on ultraviolet light protection.

Sun emits dangerous rays. The ultraviolet radiations are harmful to the eyes of humans. Always buy OTG Ski Goggles Australia with UV protection technology. The UV protection technology in ski goggles tends to prevent your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

It filters the maximum amount of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. At the higher altitudes, the intensity of sun rays increases, so it is essential to buy ski goggles with UV protection technology. Best ski goggles provide maximum protection from UV rays.

Make sure the goggles fit.

While buying the goggles, make sure that it fits perfectly. They should be highly compatible with your beanie and helmet. Your goggles must fit perfectly and smoothly on your face. If they don’t check right or tight to your face or deform when the strap is tight, then try another model.

Most of the goggles are helmet compatible, but some of the spherical larger goggles have compatibility issues. The goggles that are too small leave gaps and make you uncomfortable.

Look for anti-fogging features.

Anti-fog technology should be present in ski goggles. Anti-fog goggles are the critical and essential piece of any ski gear set up. While buying the ski goggles, you should choose the one that has anti-fog technology. It will help you to stay in the mountains, even in humid and damp conditions.

The anti-fog technology works as it involves the hydrophilic coating inside of the lens. The hydrophilic coating inhibits the moisture build-up on the lens, and this helps to reduce fogging. It is recommended not to wipe or rub the inside of the lens. Rubbing and wiping can wear out the inner coating. Best ski goggles keep the fog away.

Fogging can also be reduced to the proper venting system. It is advised to thoroughly dry the goggles before putting them in a ski bag. Avoid placing the goggles up on your forehead to reduce the fogging.

Goggle ventilation – keeping your lens clear

To keep the lens clean in damp and humid conditions, the excellent ventilation system is required. Also, go for the ski goggles that have a perfect ventilation system to keep the fog away. The ventilation system increases the airflow through the goggles. The airflow reduces the fogging by minimizing the moisture build-up within the goggle.

Buy the goggles that have the ventilation on the frame both above the lens and below as well. The goggles with motors or fans are not worthy of buying. They are unnecessary. They add extra bulk to the goggles.

It would be best if you had extra ventilation while skiing during a windy storm or climbing uphill. The Super Flow System keeps the fog away and makes your ride comfortable and distortion-free. It is the ultra-venting system that is created by the lens: no extra batteries, no fans, or motor. Buy ski goggles in Australia from Proctor Jones and other brands.

Helmet & goggle compatibility: How to find a perfect fit?

To enjoy your ride in the snow, you need to have perfect goggles. One of the qualities of the ideal goggles is that they need to fit appropriately according to your face. Goggles and helmet should be highly compatible. There should be very little space or no space between your helmet and goggles in two dimensions. If the gap is present, then there are high chances of sunburn or frostbites on the exposed skin.

Most of the manufacturers design their goggles and helmets to be compatible. Compatible ventilation is also critical. The airflow system operates through the frame of goggles into the ventilation system of the helmet.

The best way to assure that your helmet and goggles fit seamlessly and correctly is to try it on yourself. When you put your helmet and goggles on make sure that the helmet is not pushing the frame down. Avoid any of the pinchings alongside the goggle frame. It would be best if you tried on many helmets and goggles until you find the perfect match. It has a lot to do with the shape of your face and head.

Which colour of your lens is the right one?

There is no simple and one answer to this question. Lenses come in a variety of colours. Lenses should be chosen according to the weather conditions not according to personal preferences. Other than the tint of the lenses, there is another feature that is known as Visible Light Transmission (VLT). It is the feature that shows you the percentage of the light allowed to pass through the lens. It also shows how much contrast is in the surroundings.
Your vision is dependent on the number of VLT. On the bright sunny days, you should choose the lower number of VLT. It will protect you from UV rays and the glare of the sun. On the cloudy and foggy days, you should count on lenses with higher VLT. Unfortunately, there is no perfect all-rounder that can be used for every weather condition. If you still want to buy one lens then go with the one that has VLT around 30%.
There are some of the technologies available in the market that promises better vision under different weather conditions. Vario technology adjusts the tint of the lenses in changing weather conditions. Another technology is Prizm from Oakley Ski Goggles Australia that performs great in a wide range of weather conditions and enhances visibility and contrast.

Do I need a nose guard on my goggles?

A nose guard is a significant feature of ski goggles. It would be best if you always bought ski goggles that have a nose guard. The nose guards are designed to protect your nose in a fall. It also provides warmth. Protection is the foremost thing that you should keep in mind. Best ski goggles have a nose guard on the goggles that help to keep the goggles stable at high speed.

By working on these tips, you will be able to find the best ski goggles for your next trip. Skiing is an adventure sport that requires a lot of safety equipment. Apart from ski goggles, you also need to wear proper clothes to protect your body. The ski goggles will not only help to protect the eyes at the faster speed but will also help you see clearly at the high altitude. When you plan to buy the ski goggles, you need to do some research on the companies that manufacture ski goggles and also see the underlying features of the ski goggles. All the ski goggles are not the same. Some are made for sunny days, and some are perfect for cloudy conditions.

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