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We are providing the ultimate opportunity for you guys to post on our website. Our website helps to bring together guest posts in Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sport, Science, Health, Startup and Entrepreneurship and various categories of topics to be published for us. Are you expert in a particular subject and would you love to share it with our audience? If yes, then this is indeed a great way to share your experience and advice with others.

Why would I write a guest post?

There are numerous reasons why guest postings are an effective strategy for bloggers.  It improves your exposure to diverse viewers that may not have met you or written before. When you write intriguing and amusing articles about topics which are of their interest, they will follow your site and read more of your content.

Guest posting will also help you to improve your search engine ranking, as you will receive a backlink to your forum. Some popular search engines like Google sees this as an affirmation of your website. Analysts claim that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boost your website six times significantly greater when guest posting correlated to writing on your forum.

Guest writing guidelines

Guideline Principles

  • Post an article you’d like to read 
  • The commentary must be insightful, empowering and enlightening. Ideally, all three of them.


  • The article has to be fresh and different. We will not tolerate such posts that have already been published on other sites.


  • The opening paragraph has to be enthralling. If the reader isn’t captivated by the first few words, they won’t read it further. The starting paragraph should be self-explanatory to the reader. Indulge them and make them want to discover more about it.
  • Articles should be between 1200 and 3,000 words in length. The message in the report is more important to us than the range of the material.
  • To assist your audience, use sub-headings. This will allow them to have a quick and easy glance at the article.
  • About 95% of the audience preferred reading small paragraphs, as they are easy to understand. So make sure your paragraph’s length is not over three lines.
  • Make sure that your reader learns something new at the end of your article. Your article must be informational.
  • We should verify vocabulary and sentence structure before presenting it to us.
  • We will accept only posts written in English.

How to submit an article?

Kindly proofread your article before sending us.  If you have once written an article, please send us an email via the contact page. If you want to write an essay or have any questions, please contact us by simply filling the form.

Is this a free service?

We’re offering both free and premium options. For more information, please contact us.

When will you hear back from us after pitch submission?

Kindly allow our Editor to reply to your pitch or article for up to two weeks. Paid items are scheduled with primary consideration, usually within several working days.

Can you edit my article

We reservoir the right to update the article for SEO purposes or to make it more attractive to the viewer. We’ll email you if we make any changes to your item.

What do I do after I have submitted the article?

Once the article has been made public, we’ll send you an email to inform you that it’s on air. We also contribute contribution to any comments that are left, answering questions from readers. If you’re on social media platforms, we would love it if you start sharing the article. 

We’re looking forward to reading your pitch or article.