How to Stay Healthy While Flying During COVID-19 Outbreak



The world is in the chaos due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. This fatal virus has changed the entire lifestyle of people across the globe. Since this virus is highly contagious, the only way to prevent it is social isolation. Taking this suggestion by the experts seriously, the entire world has shut down the air spaces to international flights. This shut down is a tremendous financial loss for the airline companies, and there will be a total of $29 billion loss, according to the experts.

However, many countries are not implementing this flight shut down entirely, and domestic flights are still operational there. Moreover, doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, and other officials are using trips for commuting to and from their workplaces.

Why Safety is Important While Flying

These health sector professionals are at the direct risk of catching this dangerous virus. When flying with people coming from hospitals and quarantine centres, general people are more likely to catch this virus. Moreover, the high rates of spreading this virus make it even riskier. The health experts have already warned the masses that a carrier of COVID-19 can infect more than 3500 healthy people in 14 days.

Moreover, despite all the hard efforts of world health agencies in collaboration with different countries, there is still no cure or vaccine available for this fatal virus. This is an alarming situation for the people who have to move into the public for some serious reasons. The closed space of an airplane further intensifies the risk of catching the virus among the people who are flying with a carrier who himself is unaware of the danger he is carrying around.

There are many cases of COVID-19, where the carrier did not know that he was infected with the virus. This situation is the most dangerous one

The Best Safety Measures

Although the best suggestion during these circumstances is to avoid flying. If it is necessary, follow the recommendations given below. These ideas will help you have a safe journey with the minimum chances of

catching COVID-19.

Wear N95 Mask

Since this virus attacks your respiratory system, the use of a good quality mask can prevent you to a great extent. You may use surgical masks while moving around your locality or for a trip to the grocery store, but they are less effective against the virus. The performance of these surgical masks further reduces when you are at more extensive exposure to COVID-19.

The masks made of cloths are useless against this virus. They barely give any protection against any bacteria or viruses. You must opt for an N19 costume to wear while flying to stay safe. This type of cover provides you with absolute prevention from catching COVID-19 through inhaling.  

Avoid Unnecessary Touching

The airport seats, ticket and checking counters, railing of the stairs, lift buttons, doorknobs, and all the other surfaces are open for public exposure. Since you never know who is carrying the virus without being aware of it, you must avoid touching these surfaces with your hands. Touching your face after coming in contact with an infected surface is the worst you can do while flying during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Use your elbows to press the lift button or any other button while flying. This is an effective and safer measure as compared to using your hand or finger because the elbow has the least chances of touching your face directly. Moreover, you may use disposable gloves to handle stuff like taking your luggage from the belt or any such purpose.

Use Sanitizers

You may take all the precautions of not touching any surface while flying, but it is impossible to avoid any touch altogether. You are sure to come across your bag’s handle, the ticket and document checking process may be the washrooms while flying.

Hand sanitizers are the best way to disinfect your hands while on the go. You must prefer the ones with a high ratio of alcohol because alcohol is beneficial to kill the COVID-19 virus. According to scientists, the outer layer of this virus is made of fats. So, using anything that could remove fat from your hands is a good option. Alcohol is an excellent element to remove fat or oil from any surface.

While you can wash your hands using soap and water frequently at home, this is not possible while flying. Hand washing is an excellent technique to keep your hand’s virus-free, but this option is not workable during flights. In this situation, a bottle of a hand sanitizer is all you need to keep yourself out of danger. The alcohol amount in these sanitizers work magically against all the fatty layers of the virus, and you get the maximum protection.

Sanitizing Wipes Are Your Best Friends

Hand sanitizers are good at keeping your hands clean. However, despite all of your precautions, you will need to hold your bag and documents. Wiping these surfaces with sanitizing wipes is a good idea to avoid any risk. Besides your luggage, you can use these multipurpose wipes to clean your seat, arm-rests, luggage containers, and food utensils during the flight. They are readily available, and you may carry them in your hand-carry conveniently.

Avoid Food and Drinks

If you are taking a domestic flight for a shorter duration, avoid the food and drinks at the airport or on the plane altogether. You must have a good meal before leaving for the airport and carry a disposable water bottle with you.

On the longer flights, when eating or drinking is necessary, prefer hot drinks and foods. Heat kills most of the viruses, and there are lesser chances of you to catch COVID-19. All the flying companies use disposable utensils to serve food and drinks, so there is no need to worry about contacting them. However, keep an eye on the precautions taken by the flight attendants who are serving food in the plan.

Watch the Details

Check the history of the flight, if possible. This implies that you must look for the previous destination of the flight and flight attendants. There are several areas in the world, which are the pandemic hub for COVID-19. If the flight has been there shortly, select some other options.

Moreover, try to locate if the staff has been to any such destinations since there is a higher probability of them being a carrier of the virus. However, if the company does not disclose any such information, avoid such research because all the companies have different rules regarding disclosing professional details of their operations or employees.


Flying during these days with the COVID-19 outbreak is a risky initiative. But it becomes necessary in some inevitable situations, and you have to jump on a flight anyways. However, we must take some precautionary measures to minimize the risk of catching this virus while flying. Keep disinfecting your hands using sanitizers and the handles of your bags and other surfaces around you with disinfecting wipes to reduce the risk of catching the virus. Don’t forget to wear your N95 mask for a safe flight!

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