How Not To Gain Weight During COVID-19 Outbreak



Right now, the entire world is at a standstill due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Almost all the governments are imposing lockdown and social isolation as the only preventive measure for this contagious virus. As a result, most people are working from home using the internet. Lockdown has forced people to stay at home round the clock and forget the routine life.

Gain Weight During COVID-19 Outbreak

Why Watch Weight During COVID-19 Outbreak? 

Now, this routine life includes sleep schedule, eating timetable, and workout routine. People are deprived of physical activities as they are limited to their living spaces only. Parks are closed, and gyms are out of the question. Even in some areas, authorities have banned moving out without any emergency. No shopping, no long walks, and no running through the workplace has caused a sudden weight gain tendency among the public.

Moreover, many people are panic-eating nowadays during these lockdown days. The readily access to the refrigerator has increased the number of calories people are taking in. Similarly, some people are panic cooking also by trying out different recipes to escape from the depression of lockdown. The food they are cooking is going to end up in the human body.

How to Stay In shape While Lock Down?

Where there is a will, there is the way. If you seriously want to come out of quarantine in a pleasing shape with a healthy and active body, you need to make some robust strategies. Being a couch potato and stuffing your body with all the junk food you have stored is not the requirement of this outbreak. You need to look for different strategies to stay active so that you could have better immunity to cope up with COVID 19.

Watch What Goes Inside Your Body

This is the first thing you need to focus on during the lockdown. Don’t consider that you have a mission to consume everything in your freezer as soon as possible. Stop assuming that you will feel better after eating while under a panic attack after listening to the tiresome news of the virus. Find your comfort in hobbies other than consuming food.

Choose healthier and low-calorie options when going to buy food. Add more fresh vegetables and less meat. Replace packed and processed food items with fresh ones. You must choose the recipes that do not need massive amounts of oil or sugar.

However, don’t go for dieting, particularly those diets where you have to skip any particular nutrient like Keto or liquid intake. These diets deprive your body of vital nutrients, which are essential for a healthy and strong body.  

As a solution, eat everything but in moderation. Eat while you are free to focus on your food only instead of watching television etc. Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing it because our brain takes some time before noticing that your stomach is full. You may also take a glass of water or fresh green salad before your meal to feel fuller while consuming fewer calories. These healthy greens will help boost your immunity as a bonus!

watching television

Find Engaging Activities

Think of repainting your kitchen or walls if you have painting tools at home. Organizing cupboards and drawers will help you stay busy, and it is a satisfying activity. You may indulge in painting or calligraphy if you have such skills. Moreover, playing your favourite musical instruments like a guitar or mouth argon is also a healthy activity.  

Explore the Power of Meditation

Meditation is an essential activity to stay fit both mentally and physically while you are stuck at your home. It will reduce your anxiety and tension due to this dangerous health scenario. You will feel calm and full of positive energy after meditating for a while. You may watch various videos on meditation on the internet if you are trying it for the first time. The peaceful and noise-free environment during lockdown will facilitate you to improve focus during the lockdown. The best part is that it will help you divert your attention from overeating. 

Keep Moving

Living in a small flat or portion is not an excuse to gain weight during your quarantine time. Try to skip remote control for all the electronics you use like television, music player, and heating systems. Moving around your home to adjust the temperature or changing the channel will help your body to stay active. 

You may use the stairs if you are living in a double story home. Use them as an alternative to your cardio exercise at the gym. Some planks, crunches, or burpees do not require you to go out of your home. You may watch videos of the fitness trainers on the internet if you cannot contact a gym trainer during this lockdown due to COVID 19 outbreak.

Try Yoga

Yoga is a perfect combination of exercise and meditation, so it has a double impact on your fitness. Different yoga poses help you shed those extra kilos you put on while staying home during the lockdown.

Cardio is A Magic

The most effective way of workout to reduce weight or maintain a healthy weight during this quarantine is Cardio exercises. They accelerate your heartbeat and pulse rate to burn those calories you accumulate during your work from home days. Moreover, cardio workouts to increase your metabolism, too, and this process itself is an excellent aid in reducing or maintaining weight.

You don’t need any fancy equipment for having an extensive session of cardio. Climb your stairs and feel the blood rushing through your body in the first two minutes.

Safety first

Exercise at home is a good idea but play safe. Try only those exercises at home, which you have already tried with your gym trainer. If you are following an internet video, look for the safety guidelines first and avoid any tricky exercise. Safety measures during a workout are more critical during these quarantine days since you cannot afford to fall ill. 

Start every exercise for a shorter period and gradually increase the duration. Moreover, avoid trying to push your body too far if you don’t do the workout regularly. Several yoga poses require an expert’s guidance, so you must not risk trying them if you are a beginner. Similarly, avoid climbing stairs if you are suffering from knee pain or bone issues.

Weight Gain

Risks of Weight Gain During Covid-19 Outbreak

Weight gain in routine is a non-healthy tendency since it causes many chronic diseases. This obesity is responsible for hypertension, high cholesterol level, diabetes, heart failure, kidney issues, backbone problems, and knees pain. During COVID-19, you need a more robust immunity system, but this increased weight weakens our immunity to fight against the external invaders, including bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, obesity can intensify the already existing health conditions among patients. So, keeping yourself healthy and fit must be your priority during this COVID-19 outbreak.


To sum up, maintaining a healthy weight according to your height, gender and age is the key to stay healthy. The importance of better health, fitness, and immunity increases during pandemics like the current outbreak of COVID-19. For this purpose, we must find out alternatives to our routine fitness regime to keep ourselves active and healthy.

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