5 Healthy Steps to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance

5 Healthy Steps to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin resistance


Diabetes is a chronic disease that is hard to cure, and there are millions of people across the globe suffering from it. Diabetes patients have to take Insulin to maintain their blood sugar level. Taking Insulin daily, twice, or thrice in a day is not a very pleasant experience, and people always want to get rid of this painful routine. Most of the doctors prescribe Insulin intake as the only way to maintain blood sugar levels.

Even along with the regular intake of Insulin, most people develop different other health issues like kidney failure, blood pressure fluctuation, eyesight problems, and liver issues. Some experts link these conditions with prolonged use of Insulin.

However, according to some new searches, diabetes patients can reduce Insulin usage and, in some cases, completely reverse it. This revolution requires a drastic change in the overall lifestyle of diabetic people.

Here are five healthy steps that could lead any diabetes patient towards an Insulin-free life.

Insulin resistance

Eating Well 

The first and foremost step towards a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy. If you switch to a healthier diet, you will be less dependent on Insulin. Your body needs foods that could reduce inflammation and reverse Insulin. Foods with massive amounts of carbohydrates are hazardous for diabetes patients. Carbs in such grains breakdown into glucose and raise the blood sugar level at once. Since there is no regulatory system to handle this massive amount of sugar, it results in a high sugar level.

In such conditions, Insulin is the only option to keep this sugar level in control. However, the best suggestion in such circumstances is to avoid starchy foods. You can replace them with healthier alternatives to stay healthy. For instance, the regular floor is full of starch, but you can replace it with oats or barley floor. Grams floor is also an excellent option to satisfy your carb cravings. The fibre in these foods will keep your body functional and your digestion system well-functioning.

Processed food is full of preservatives, and you can always replace them with new options. Fresh fruits are good options for satisfying midnight sweet cravings. Some foods like fish, strawberry, carrots, garlic, ginger, and onions are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Yogurt is a natural source of prebiotics. They can help you reversing sugar intake and keep your vital organs functional and active.


Since diabetes accelerates the process of ageing, it is necessary to take some health supplements along with an excellent diet to reverse Insulin dependency. Omega-3 capsules and fish liver oil capsules contain rich nutrients to boost the overall vitality of diabetes patients.

Iron and calcium supplements are also perfect for reversing Insulin and keeping you healthy. However, you must consult your doctor in case of stomach or kidneys issue because an increased amount of calcium intake can cause kidney issues. The situation is even worse for diabetes patients since they are more prone to developing kidney problems.

Multivitamins are essential for maintaining a healthy, functional body and reversing Insulin. Along with that, minerals are equally important, and you can have them after consulting your physician. Minerals like magnesium help balance glucose levels in your body and, thus, very much beneficial for people living with diabetes.

Work your Heart Out

Exercise is the key to a healthy, fit, and active life and works magically for diabetes patients in reversing Insulin. For such people, the regular workout is beneficial to develop and boost Insulin sensitivity. A brisk walk for thirty minutes daily is the basic or minimum suggestion by the healthcare experts for diabetes patients to reverse Insulin.

If there is no heart condition persisting in the patients, they can opt for cardio or more extensive exercises like running, climbing, and rope skipping. Such people can join gyms also to have expert advice and customized workout plans.

Cardio exercises accelerate metabolism and also increase the mitochondrial functions in your body. Both of these effects, in turn, promote Insulin sensitivity to a great extent.

Weight training is another very effective workout for improving Insulin sensitivity or reversing Insulin. They help you gain healthy muscle mass, which leads to better insulin sensitivity. But you must do these types of exercises under the Instructions and supervision of some expert trainer to avoid any mishap.

Work your Heart Out

Change Your Mindset

Stress is a big catalyst to make things worse for people with diabetes. It shatters down the balance in blood sugar level in your body. Learn to manage your stress by finding out the triggering points. Avoid such situations and people that could lead you towards stress. This stress can play with your blood pressure and stiffen up your muscles.

Indulge in a soothing session of meditation or yoga to help you calm down your nerves. Gardening, reading, and painting can be the best pass times to keep away from overthinking and stress. You may choose to enjoy an evening out with friends and family. Some people love reading and a good book in a cosy atmosphere of their backyard or study room. Enjoying your favourite television show or music is a way to get a peaceful mind after a hectic workday.

Remember one thing that nobody else is going to teach you to manage your stress, and the only solution is to change your mindset. Keep your thoughts away from negativity, and don’t let the other people take charge of your happiness. Look for the activities that make you happy and provide you with peace of mind.

Pay Attention to Medication

Along with all the suggestions mentioned above, medication is a vital part of reducing your dependency on Insulin. Visit your doctor on regular intervals and follow all of their advice and instructions rigorously. If you feel any sudden issue in Insulin tolerance, sensitivity, or effectiveness, contact your doctor without any delay.

The medicines your doctor prescribes are the ones your body needs to maintain an average glucose level in your body. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, don’t force them to cut off your Insulin intake. Let the experts decide how much insulin your body needs to function correctly and maintain energy levels.

Keep a daily check on your blood sugar level, and other symptoms can help you have a healthy Insulin sensitivity. In case of a sudden change in the effectiveness of Insulin or if you notice that your body is reacting to the Insulin dose abnormally, contact your health care provider.


Diabetes is a health condition that can lead to many complexities and health issues, and using Insulin has been the only option to cope up with it. However, you can control it by rethinking your lifestyle. Adding fruits and vegetables in your diet instead of consuming too oily and starchy stuff is a good initiative.

Moreover, working out regularly is another great way to reduce your requirement of Insulin. Along with that, use health supplements to fulfil the additional needs of your body. Keep in touch with your health care providers for the expert advice on any medication required and have all of your medicines regularly.

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