Long Trip Essentials: How to Stay Safe, Sane, and on Track

Long Road Trip

Outdoors tempts you tightly to haul up your luggage and go someplace. When summers arrive, the thought of meandering the roads while the scenery keeps changing around you is simply surreal.

Through the countless options, you have each time to visit; you might choose one at once. Roads are beautiful yet challenging. Of course, the breeze and open sky lure you for sure.

Only the idea of going on a road trip overwhelms you to a greater extent, resulting in careless packing. We know packing is a lot tidier when you’ve to fly high, but a road trip needs packing too!

What gears to haul on your car’s roof rack? What apparel to carry for a comfortable drive? How much food and water to bag to suffice your appetite till you reach the ultimate destination?

Questions are many, and the answer is one, packing the essentials. Clearly, your packing needs depend on whether you go to your grandma’s place, hit your favorite beach, or explore the mountain of your dreams.

However, being on the roads quite brings it all in one loop. When you end reading the list of these ten useful long road trip essentials, you will thank us enough!

Long Road Trip

A Roof Rack

A long road trip means lots of luggage, carrying essentials, and heavyweights. The only option to stack all these properly is a perfect choice of the roof rack. You can’t even imagine kick-starting a road trip without installing a universal roof rack system on your car. A roof rack is essential because it hauls all your gear and frees some room inside your vehicle. If your vehicle is dramatically big, the road trip is long, and the count of people with you is drastically more, better consider installing a roof rack system with a side ladder.

Roof Rack

Food, Water, And Snacks

What’s your take on packing food, water, and snacks for driving really long? Well, it might be possible that on a road trip, you have to opt for a quick meal instead of a fine dine-in. (Dine-in elevates your trip budget too high sometimes) In these situations, wouldn’t it be great that you’ve your food with you already? Talking about food and snacks to pack for the journey, you can carry fruits, dry fruits, nuts, bars, snack packets, and ready-to-eat food items. You can save money by not dining in a highway hotel and instead enjoy a roadside meal packed from home.

For your food temptations, you can bring along sandwiches with you. Stopping by a grocery store and buying enough material to make a sandwich is not a bad idea. Consider these ten foods and snacks to pack, and you’re ready for a road trip! You’ll need plenty of water when you’re traveling by road. Buying packaged water is both a waste of money and in addition to generating plastic waste. It’s better to carry a portable water bottle with you on a long road trip. Pro tip – carry a water bottle per head. If you’re four members on a trip, pack four bottles, one for each.

Cushions, Jackets, And Blankets

When the journey is long, comfort is a priority. It is mandatory to stack up some cushions, jackets, and blankets for your good on a road trip. A set of pillows can make your hours-long sitting easy and pain-free. Having proper garments like jackets can help you keep warm inside. While driving, it’s obvious for you to make a practical choice about these essentials rather than packing your glamorous jeans or posh handbag. Rolling in one or two small blankets won’t harm your overall packing. Perhaps it’ll help more people cover themselves in a single layer when needed. During a night stay roadside, you will feel proud of yourself if you have cushions, jackets, and blankets with you.

A Camera

Traveling is all about memories, after all. At every block of the road, you’ll feel like clicking thousands of photographs. Whether it be the changing sky shades during sunsets, horses galloping in the open fields, mountains with their picturesque landscapes, or the boroughs offering breathtaking views, you’ll want to click and record everything. Carrying a camera at such times will make you feel like the luckiest traveler in the world. It becomes easier to capture some excellent sites on your camera and show them to your friends later. You can even install a dashcam on your windscreen. It will be beneficial for two reasons. One, you can record the road every time you travel. Two, it’ll record any accident your car meets during the road trip and save you from the ill consequences.

A Phone Mount

Road trips come with remarkable journey experiences. However, navigating through unknown roads often becomes hectic. No one uses maps, especially when GPS allows you to discover the way you want to travel. Although online maps have made reaching the destinations a lot easy, it’s still unmanageable to keep monitoring the phone continuously while driving. A phone mount can help you in dealing with this. Mounting your phone is the safest way of keeping an eye on the roadmap while driving freely. Plus, it saves your ears and brain from listening to your friend’s wrong directional dictations. It is suggestible to buy a phone mount that comes with a built-in charging slot. It’ll keep pouring energy into your phone while it consumes the battery showing the direction.

A Travel Pillow

Travel neck pillow

The most affected body part while a road trip is your neck and back. Earlier, we packed pillows for our back support. Now it’s time to pack a travel pillow for doing well on your neck. It’s a bonus for you if you’re not the only driver on a road trip. While you have your quick nap on the back seat, you can rest correctly by putting on a neck pillow. If you sleep better, you’ll feel better when you arrive at your destination. There are a lot of travel pillows available, but not all are equally comfortable. Pick one that fits everything – comfort, support, and budget.

A Travel Cooler Bag

It becomes feasible to store food and drinks for several days without rotting with a travel cooler bag. Incredibly, you’ve water with you, but how will you keep it chilled till the end? Since the start from your home, your fluids get humid after hours of exposure in the open climate. Having a cooler bag handy lets you keep your water and other drinks in a perfectly chilled place. Plus, you can make and keep ice in the cooler bag to use whenever you need it. A few cooling bags today come with charging outlets. So you can keep your things cool even without ice cubes!

Pet Food And A Collapsible Bowl

It’s more human than necessary to take care of your pet while being on a road trip. If you forget to pack food for yourself, it’s okay. You can purchase it from the highway grocery stores. Don’t leave your home without packing your pet’s food. Time and again, your cat or dog needs food. Also, take a collapsible bowl so that your pet can appropriately eat from it. These collapsible bowls are ready-to-go for your pets anywhere on road trips. You can bring them with you, keep them in the car’s pocket or overhead seat organizer, and unleash them again whenever required.

Roadside Emergency Kit

You’re a fantastic driver. Though,  not everyone on the roads is cautious about their driving like you. Hence, having a roadside emergency kit can save your blood from unnecessary injuries. A roadside emergency kit consists of over a hundred items about individual safety. The incredible thing is that the roadside emergency kit features a first aid kit and all significant life-saving items during contingencies. This kit has it all, from light sticks to torches, from rain poncho to red-colored night safety tapes. You can also find useful tools like jumper cables, compass, multipurpose utility tools, car charger, fire extinguisher, duct tape, reflective triangles, wheel wrench, tripod jack, non-perishable food items, and extra layers for cold weather in this kit.

Entertainment Stuff

You’ll love experiencing the road trips. Long trips may invite some boredom. However, it is worthy of keeping oneself and others motivated. For instance, you can bring your favorite books to read in the back seat. For your children, you can pack non-electronic games like playing cards or road trip bingo so that their time passes reasonably. If you love playing old-fashioned 21 questions games or singing games, just go for it. It’ll save members in the car from falling asleep. Carrying physical roadmaps is a unique way to stay busy while someone else is driving. You can pack a travel journal to read about the places you’re about to visit. Creating a travel playlist is probably the best idea to have fun being on a long road trip.

The Last Takeaways

You can’t be at the same convenience on a road trip as in your home. However, packing specific essentials can definitely make your road trips fun and comfortable. Besides these ten useful long road trip essentials, you can think of many things like a foldable camp chair, lumbar support for your back, instant coffee maker, electricity charging appliances, shawls & scarves to bring with you.

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