There’s proof that eating chocolate can make you smarter.

What is the relationship between Food and Brain?

Food and functioning of the brain have a deep relationship. One of the researchers quoted that key to working and thinking smart is to eat smart. Dr David Perlmutter stated in his book that the key to sharp brain lies in the gut. The bacteria that reside in our gut affects the health of our brain.

This is not a new theory. The father of modern medicine and Greek physician Hippocrates said that all disease arises from the gut. Nowadays, people face obesity and depression due to poor diet. The two-third of the population of America is overweight and is prone to depression. Poor nutrition is the leading cause of it. The poor diet consists of food high in sugar and fats.

The fatty and sugary food leads to the bad bacteria that make the gut damaged and dysfunctional. The harmful bacteria feed on fatty and sugary food and tends to multiply. Another reason to eat healthily is that it makes you happier. The healthy gut leads to the secretion of a happy hormone known as serotonin. Serotonin regulates the mood and appetite of a person.

Foods that are high in gluten and carbohydrates damage our brain and leads to depression, headache, ADHD, dementia, and intestinal disorders. The latest book of Perlmutter states that there are two types of the nervous system, one is the brain and spinal cord, and other is known as the enteric nervous system that consists of the gastrointestinal tract.

Benefits of Chocolate

Best Chocolate is very beneficial for the health, yes you read it right. Chocolate can improve the blood flow to the brain. When the brain’s blood flow is elevated, then the brain works faster and better. The compound present in the chocolate known as a flavoring is responsible for increasing the blood flow to the brain.

When the blood flow is increased, then the memory of the person is boosted, the attention span is increased, and the problem-solving skills are improved. If you feel difficulty while solving your math problem, then eat the dark chocolate bar. After eating the dark chocolate bar, you will solve the problem quickly.

Chocolate improves the learning and memory skills of the person. Chocolate contains caffeine. Enough caffeine to increase your memory and concentration. Caffeine present in chocolate also elevates your mood that will make you enjoy your study time.

Chocolate has the tendency to lower the stress as well. The effects of stress are mostly overlooked. But stress can damage your brain and its health. Chocolate is here to rescue you. It has the ingredient known as magnesium. Magnesium is excellent for relieving stress.

Chocolate tends to save your brain from strokes and dementia. There are antioxidants present in the brain that lower the risk of dementia. Some components reside in chocolate that boosts your ability to focus and perform better.

How does eating chocolate make you smarter?

Chocolate consists of the flavanol that increases the brain’s blood supply. Once the blood supply of the brain is boosted, then it works better and smarter. Chocolates tend to improve memory and reduce the risk of dementia.

“Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.”

Dave Barry

Studies and Researches proving the brain-boosting power of Chocolates

The scientists at Loma Linda University conducted two studies. It revealed that consuming dark chocolates make people smarter. The higher the content of cocoa, the more positive is the effect on the immunity, cognition, mood, and memory.

One of the researchers said that altering high sugar products, and alcohol induces a positive effect on the brain. Still, all of this can be achieved by just unwrapping the dark bar chocolate, and that is much easier and convenient. 

Recently a study was published in the journal known as Appetite, that people who consume chocolate once a week felt that their abstract thinking improved as well as their memory. Georgina Crichton studied the effect of the chocolate on the thinking of individuals. Georgina Crichton is a nutrition researcher at the University of South Australia.

Superior thinking and memory power were observed in individuals who ate chocolate twice a week than individual who ate it once a week. A study conducted in 2014 revealed that people who consume chocolates are less prone to dementia and other memory-loss problems.

The Daily Express stated that 40-year study proved that chocolate could make you smarter. This news was based on the research that people who consumed chocolate at least once a week were able to perform better in brain tests.

Researcher of the United States pulled off the study in which they studied the effect of chocolate on the brain function in about 1,000 participants. They concluded that people who intake chocolate are better in abstract thinking than the people who rarely consume it.

The study of the relation between chocolate and brain function was done by the researchers from the University of Maine, University of South Australia, and the Luxembourg Institute of Health. The National Institute of Health aided the study. It was published in the journal known as Appetite.

The media supported the study, as well. The Daily Mirror and The Daily Telegraph stated that chocolate could make you smarter. The Daily Express and The Independent quoted that the study proved that chocolate made people smarter and intelligent.

The research analysed the data from the large cohort study. The research overviewed the data from about 1,000 people. In the study, participants filled the questionnaires and took the brain tests from 2001 to 2006.

bar of dark chocolate

They looked deeply into the fact of whether eating chocolate could affect the brain’ health. Individuals of the study went through the brain tests in six areas. The six areas were scanning and tracking, visual-spatial memory and organisation, working memory, ability to recollect the spoken information, mini-mental state exam, and similarities test for assessing the abstract reasoning.

People who consumed chocolates showed better results in brain function test areas. The result also revealed that verbal memory has no link with eating chocolates. Consuming chocolates more than once a week showed better results than eating less than once a week.

So several studies concluded that eating chocolates made the brain to work better and faster. Chocolates, like other food items, have many benefits and should be consumed according to the dietary standards and your age. If you use a lot of chocolate, it can push you to many diseases as well. It is best to use the dietary chart provided by the health care professional to understand your daily intake and know how much chocolate is beneficial for you. Chocolates are made from unique beans that are known to fight many chronic diseases. It is also helpful in terms of sexual power and overall wellness of the body.

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