Formerly Ken Jones Nashua

195 DW Highway, Exit 2 from Route 3 North or South

Closed for the season. See you August 4. Thanks for the great season!

Leases can be returned by appointment, by chance, or in August

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Volkl 2014 Code UVO Skis

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Volkl 2014 Code UVO Skis

$1,065.00 $899.00

The new Code UVO‘s unique setup allows Volkl to deliver a very light weight ski which, thanks to the vibration absorbing capabilities of UVO technology, is incredibly smooth and stable. The new Xmotion system is light weight with exceptional power transmission.

UVO - 360 Degree Vibration Control
Vibration Reduction with UVO
Improved Control
Quieter ride
Reduced exertion
UVO (Ultimate Vibration Object) is the first application of a free-floating, 360 degree vibration absorption technology to minimize disruptive ski vibration. Vibration inherently arises when skis interact with the snow surface. The ski‘s tip, in particular, is set in motion in all directions, all at once. UVO technology delivers proven reduction of these vibrations, delivering a quieter ride. The key differentiation between UVO and other damping systems is the fact that in addition to longitudinal vibrations, it also addresses torsional and lateral vibrations. This creates faster times in the race course - when the ski maintains more consistent contact with the snow, the skier has more control throughout the turn.